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Alliance Movers LLC offers complete packing, planning, and transfer for all regional moves. Our A1 Movers and Packers help you with the service of loading, unloading, packing and unpacking. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to individuals , businesses, and government agencies alike. Our moving services are based on hourly or flat rates and we will never charge you with hidden fees.


         ♦ Packing & Unpacking

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         ♦ Weekend Moves
         ♦ No Extra Cost
         ♦ No Hidden Fees

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1. Think twice if you're going to move by yourself. Make a list of expenses and compare. Truck Rental (Miles might not be unlimited), gas and you may need pads (moving blankets) and dollie. Of course you don't want your helper(s) pay for drinks and food. Fortunately, you have a partner to help you, but what if you don't ?. You will need help to move heavy items especially if you're moving from or to a second or third floor. Sometimes friends or even relatives don't take care of other people's expensive stuff. Also, take into account, they are not professional movers, they only want to help. Professional movers know when they need to take off a door to get an oversized furniture through it and also have the tools they need. Professional Movers provide truck and will carry, pad, load and unload it all for you.
2. Pack a suitcase for you and each member of the family such as changes of clothes good enough for at least 3 days. You may use this stuff during packing and/or after moving. Pack in these suitcases
important stuff like medications, eyeglasses and special toys if you have kids. Keep the suitcases close to you. And when it's time for moving take them in your car. This way you’ll have everything you need without searching through boxes.

3. Go room by room and make an inventory. Almost everyone has more stuff than they think. Determine things that need to be packed: furniture items, decorations, clothes, etc. Calculate how many boxes, tape, wrapping paper, blubble wrap you'll need to buy. Always buy more, that way you won't have to take more than one trip to the store. Anyway, you can always return them. And check for stores that buy used boxes "Think Green"
4. What about your clothes hung up in your closet. You may want them at hand and with no wrinkles. Buy wardrobe boxes and take your suits, lift them out, turn around, and hang them in a box. Pay a little more than a regular box but you save so much time. Search craiglist or ebay for best deals.
5. If you have or buy used boxes, make sure they are in good conditions, especially if you pack fragile items inside. The cardboard must be strong and of a regular size (approx. 16x12x12). Movers sometimes place one box over another and if they are not strong enough, well you know what can happen. Plastic bins or plastic boxes are your best choice if you have to move out of town.
6. First pack small items, decorations, lamps, dishes and miscellaneous. Check dressers and desks drawers, never leave things inside. During the move they can get lost.  Sometimes desks need to be disassembled or dressers are "upside down" so they can get inside your new place.
7. If you're still using some items in the kitchen for example, keep extra boxes for last minute packing.

8. Leave enough time to pack. Keep track on a calendar.

Altamonte Springs - Orlando - Oviedo - Casselberry - Winter Park - Longwood - Lake Mary - Sanford - Winter Springs - Maitland -  Ocoee